Forest Dance

by James and the Knave

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The second single from our album 'Blind Telling Lies'.


Yellow lights in absinthe shots,
River lights and casting lots
To see who will get through the night.

Words and doors are left ajar
To show us who we really are:
The monsters and the men,
We'll break and break again.

Whatever that you were to me,
Whatever is the world to me,
We'll work it out upon this kitchen floor.

It's a strange choice of philosophy,
Our modern take on elegy,
We're shut out by our myth,
Without when we are with.

So take the talk in upper rooms
And fuck the faces we assume
As we make our way back down the stairs.

I'm not against a forest dance
Or Bacchanalia's moral stance,
But damn the lies we tell,
And damn it all, I yell.

So lift your eyes and we're alive,
And we're living for this river side,
Should we make our way down to the sea?

I know it's hard to see the sky
And I know it hurts to know we lied,
But try to love your ground
And I'll spin your right around.


released July 14, 2013
Written by James Fenton
Guitars by James Fenton
Vocals by James Emery




James and the Knave York, UK

James and the Knave are an acoustic duo from York.

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